Federal Contract Intelligence Service is a Dallas, Texas data mining company that specializes in tracking current and historical United States Government (USG) procurement statistics.  We provide up-to-the-date and actionable marketing plans, lists and reports to companies that want to do business with the federal government.

Our marketing plans, lists and reports are tailored to a company’s products and/or services and matched with the decision makers within specific targeted government agency contracting offices and their stakeholders before a requirement becomes an open bid solicitation.

Federal Contract Intelligence Service utilizes state of art data mining software and has access to data sets from Data.gov, the Atom feed from the Federal Procurement Data System, and other fee based subscription services.  Our data mining capability includes:

  • Identifying predetermined groups.  For example, a company could mine agency procurement data to determine the type of contracts used to purchase their goods or services.  This information could be used to determine if the company should get a contract vehicle.  The contract vehicles could include GSA Schedules, Government Wide Acquisition Contracts or many other “Interagency Contracts. Please see blog “Interagency Contracting”
  • Identifying logical relationships or contracting preferences.  For example, USG contracting data can be mined to identify set aside contracts for socio economic groups and the contracting officers that favor this form of procurement.  Small business with this status can market directly to these contracting officers.
  • Identifying associations.  For example, USG contracting data can be mined to see if certain contracting vehicles are used more that others to purchase computer hardware.

Anticipate behavior patterns and trends. For example, a manufacture of military weaponry can mined contract history and correlate with geo political events to plan raw material purchases and production schedules.

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